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Tips for Pool Upkeep

When you first install an in-ground pool, keeping it in its best condition can seem overwhelming. Here are some pointers for making sure your pool is ready to use at any time of year. 

Invest in a Good Cover

During the months your pool is not in use, a good way to preserve it is by using a pool cover. Depending on the size of your pool, it may be a good idea to consider an automatic cover, but many times, a sheet cover that you manually put on will suffice. Make sure to design your cover so that it is slightly bigger than the pool itself, to secure it safely over the surface of the water, and that it effectively keeps debris, bugs and dust out. 

Keep it Clean

It may seem obvious, but though a pool contains chemicals such as chlorine, it is still important to clean it regularly. You can either do this manually or, for less work on your end, invest in an automatic pool cleaner to do the job for you. To find a company in your area that offers these types of cleaners, you can do an easy search, such as “automatic pool cleaners pittsburgh,” where you can find the best cleaner that meets your budget and needs. 

Regularly Check Chlorine Levels

Safe water quality is incredibly important when swimming. Luckily, the guesswork is taken out of this through handy test kits, in which you can put a sample of your pool water in and check your chlorine and algae levels. You will be able to also see the pool water’s acidity and determine if more chemicals need to be added to balance it out and make the water healthy. 

Maintaining your pool does not have to be intimidating. With these tricks, you are sure to keep the pool looking its best without much effort. 

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