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Should I Convert My Garage And How Would I do it?

A well-planned and well-executed garage conversion can add an extra 10% on to the value of your property. Although it may cost a lot initially, (usually between £5,000 and £8,000) you need to think about how you will benefit from both the actual conversion and the increase in home value when it comes to selling the property.

What are the pros of a garage conversion?

  • In control of contract – There will be no deals falling through with a garage conversion, you are the sole decision maker
  • Added value – Converting your single garage can add 10% on to your homes value, a double garage can add up to 22%;
  • Design control – subject to restrictions, the whole design and planning of your garage conversion is in your hands;
  • Unaffected council tax – If you move home for more living space, you may be put up a council tax band. But with a garage conversion, your council tax is unaffected.

If you don’t have a concrete garage to convert in the first place, contact Dencroft Garages. They are an experienced concrete garage installation company whose work is of the highest quality.

Planning permission

A planning permission is only needed if you are altering the shape of the building in most places, however:

  • If you live in a conserved area or a listed building, you will need planning permission for even the smallest alterations
  • Certain new builds have it in the permissions that the garage must remain as a parking space, so you may have to apply to remove it
  • Garages that stand alone will most likely need a ‘change of use’ planning permission when converting to liveable rooms.

Damp-proof and insulate

A must for your garage is conversion is to damp-proof and insulate it. The last thing you want is a freezing or uncomfortably hot relaxing environment, so invest in some insulation for your garage.

Also, damp is an issue you don’t want to face in your garage, so be sure to protect your concrete floor with polythene or paint on DPM to protect your garage from damp.

What will you convert to?

If you’re spending all this money, time and effort in to converting your garage, you need to be certain as to what that space is going to be used for. Popular uses include a home office, an extra bedroom and a home gym, but for a full list of options, click here to explore alternative uses for your garage.


Once you have decided what you will use the new and improved space in your garage for, it’s time to plan and design it however you want. If you want yellow walls, have yellow walls. If you want house plants, have as many house plants as you want – the whole process and layout of the space is your choice. But make sure the design and layout of the garage is functional for its purpose, after all, there’s no point having sofas and an entertainment system if it’s going to be a gym.

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