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Preparing an Accessible Home

Most people don’t think about accessibility when purchasing a home because they don’t feel they need to, but the result is that often changes need to be made to adapt a living environment to someone’s changing needs after an illness or injury. This frequently means installing new features and lining up home care assistance, which can be a process. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve got the basics covered.

Preparing an Accessible Home

Appropriate Home Health Care

Skilled nursing is often but not always needed after a major health setback, but if it is, the doctors at the hospital or physical rehab facility should be able to put you in touch with appropriate services in your area. What is often needed but not as always supported is home health care in the form of support for daily living skills. Even if the doctor is not recommending skilled nursing for your loved one, look into whether assistance with cooking, cleaning, and other household tasks is supported by your family member’s insurance.

Mobility Changes to the Home

If someone comes home in a wheelchair for the first time, you will likely need to make some changes to the house. Often, bathroom doors are narrower than regular interior doors and this can result in impaired access. It’s also an issue if the door can’t close or impairs the chair’s mobility, so often bathroom doors need to be temporarily removed.

If bedrooms are on a second story, you’re also going to need to line up accessibility lift installation Fort Worth TX to make sure an appropriate personal elevator is available when the patient comes home. The experts can assess your home and build in a system that fits if you just put them to work on it.

Social Support Coordination

Injured and newly disabled family members require a lot of support, so it helps if someone organizes people around the tasks involved in providing it. Even with full-time at home assistance, you’re going to need people to help with groceries, medical appointments, and other tasks. Take the time to organize extra support for your loved one and yourself.