Practical Ways to Use Rustic Planks

Rustic planks and normal planks don’t have the same characteristics, which is why many people use both material options during projects in different ways. The big difference is that rustic planks are older than traditional planks. Because the grains are aged, they give the material qualities that stand out. If you want to update areas on your property with rustic planks instead of traditional planks, you’ll need to pick your projects wisely. In order to enhance curb appeal and increase property value with rustic planks, you must use various slabs for foundations and paneling.

Build a Deck

When regular planks are used to construct a deck, the wood doesn’t pop until it’s painted or stained. Vintage wood materials provide flair because everyone will notice the grains upon stepping on the foundation. If vintage planks are painted with light paint, the grains will stand out more; however, the foundation will only shine after the surfaces are coated with a glossy paint.

Construct a Platform for Cookouts

If you only need a stable platform for a grill, consider building a foundation. In most cases, you can follow a blueprint for a patio while building a platform with rustic wood. Once the structure is built, you may want to gather additional supplies in order to build a roof over the platform. You could use pieces of tin to cover the platform so that rain won’t constantly soak the foundation. If you want to save cash by excluding a roof, simply coat the platform with a waterproof paint.

Renovation a Dull Space

In a dull space, you could make a room more appealing by replacing standard wall boards with rustic material. This project will require a fairly large investment since you’ll need to buy enough planks in order to cover an entire space.

These project ideas can help you enhance popular hangout spots on your property. If you need rustic materials in bulk, you can acquire the supplies by visiting a hardware store.

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