High-Paying Jobs That Do Not Require a College Degree

In many schools, students are pushed to go to the college readiness route. While a college degree certainly opens up many job opportunities, it is not the only path that students can take. Some may choose to enter the workforce right after college, and many do quite well in their chosen careers. Consider these three jobs that pay well but do not require a college education.


High-Paying Jobs That Do Not Require a College Degree

Plumbing services Geneva IL are always needed, so plumbers are able to keep steady work. There are no official degree requirements for plumbers. Many apprentices with an experienced plumber to learn the trade, while others may attend a technical training course. Workers in this field do more than fix leaky faucets; they can take on high-paying commercial plumbing jobs as well.

Power Line Installation

Installing and repairing power lines is dangerous, but the job pays well. Workers in this field, called linemen, learn the job onsite. There are safety courses that they must attend, and it is important that they are properly trained before taking on solo work. Observation of experienced linemen can be one of the best ways to learn how to do this complex work.

Truck Driving

For those who enjoy being on the open road, truck driving can be a rewarding career. Drivers can choose local routes, or they may choose to travel cross-country. There are truck driving schools that teach these men and women how to safely drive transport trucks. There are licensing requirements that must be met, but no college degree is needed.

While there are plenty of students that will attend a college or university, there are others who do not wish to do this. There should be an emphasis in schools on the many career paths that a student can take, and individual desires and goals should be considered.

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