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4 Jobs Where You Don’t Have to Sit at a Desk All Day

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The office/cubicle life is not suited for everyone. Some people wish to interact with nature, play with animals or help people physically solve their problems on a daily business. For those individuals, they can keep the following careers in mind.

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1. Massage Therapist

As a masseuse, your duties will include making people comfortable, working knots out of their muscles and relieving their aches and pains throughout their bodies. Compassionate citizens usually thrive in this position. If you are intrigued by the opportunity, you can take a full body massage course Atlanta to start the process. Graduates can get hired at different parlors or find themselves in private practices.

2. Landscaper

This is ideal for people who enjoy the outdoors. The great thing about trying to be a landscaper is that usually, you won’t have to look too far. Many companies advertise with signs right along the road. If you do get added to a crew, you should expect to cut grass, trim bushes, spread mulch and plant trees. Remember that these jobs can be seasonal depending on where you live. You might seek alternatives in winter, such as snow removal in cold places like Minnesota, for example.

3. Construction Worker

This is a big field with a wide variety of options. There will always be a demand for erecting buildings, fixing structures and renovating residences. Larger, up-and-coming cities and other high-growth places may provide the most chances to find employment. You can specialize in and/or combine disciplines such as the ones below:

  • Carpentry
  • Bricklaying
  • Surveying
  • Roofing
  • Painting
  • Drywall Installation
  • Tile Setting

At first, you can start as a general construction apprentice or laborer and find out which areas interest you the most.

4. Dog Groomer

If you love animals and prefer working with them instead of humans, you might consider becoming a dog groomer. Someone in this position will work with canines to make them as clean as possible. You may be tasked with brushing teeth, trimming nails, shampooing fur and removing ticks.

These are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. You will see the world presents plenty of space for you to avoid having to sit at a keyboard all day.

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3 Babysitting Tips for Keeping Children Entertained

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You’re babysitting a kid. Maybe you know this child well, or maybe this is your first experience together. How will you spend the time? Silence any fears of being boring. Children are curious and mirror your excitement when you say, “Next, let’s do this. It’ll be fun!” Here are some types of activities to try. 

children reading books

1. Quiet Activities

Not all children are loud, and even the noisiest kids need some quiet time. Whether you’re taking care of a shy, introspective child or a gregarious one, it’s good to have activities available that don’t make a lot of noise or require a lot of movement. Gravitate toward these activities if you’re babysitting during a concert or if you’re worn out from chasing around the yard. Bring kids books Navasota TX with you. Have some coloring books ready, as well as picture books. You can also use a blank notebook and make up a story together.

2. Athletic Activities

If you’re allowed to go outside and travel a bit, try a playground or park. You can take a ball or other sports equipment along. At a playground, you have the option to sit and watch from a distance. If you live near a nature trail, consider leading the child on a scavenger hunt and turning it into a learning opportunity. Even on a rainy day of babysitting, you can find ways to move. Start a dance party in the living room or take out the hula hoops. Activity during the day helps you and the kid you’re watching sleep better at night. 

3. Crafting Activities

Maybe you want to try something outside that is not physically demanding. If the weather is nice, consider a small garden project. Work in the earth or bring your own soil and a pot. Be the babysitter who brings things that last. Zinnias or carrots might seem too difficult, and if that’s the case, go inside again. Use a simple cookie recipe. Try origami. Make paper dolls.

Stay creative and listen. In a child’s mind, a blue rug can become an ocean in a fantasy adventure.

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What Does an Architect Do?

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Architects are professionals who are trained and licensed to design buildings and other constructed spaces. Their skills are a combination of creative design and the science of construction. Architects utilize a variety of tools, such as design software and 3-d architectural model to realize these designs.


Architecture Training

Because architects design, and assist in construction of, public spaces they serve and important safety function. Architects undergo extensive training in the building sciences. 

All architects spend from 5 to 7 years earning an accredited degree in architecture, followed by a supervised on the job training period called the Intern Development Program (IDP). The IDP provides work experience under the close supervision of a licensed architect. 

Upon completion of the IDP, the aspiring architect must sit for the Architect Registration Exam. Passing this examination is the minimum requirement for licensure. State registration boards may add their own additional testing or interview requirements.

The Job of an Architect

Architects fulfill a variety of roles in the planning, design and construction oversight of building systems. They are required to use both engineering and math skills and a creative sensibility.

Planning and designing buildings means creating both the big picture – the actual overall design – and understanding how the various features and systems within the building work together. An architect creates designs that integrate the client’s desires with the practical building needs, such as plumbing systems, zoning, permitting, electricity and more.

Architects utilize a variety of software to design environments. They may create actual 3-D models or photorealistic renderings to convey design to clients. Dependent upon the type of firm or project, architects may also be involved in overseeing various aspects of construction, or at least with setting the client up with the contractors who will do the work.

Some architects are very specialized, choosing to work only on a limited type of projects. Others offer generalized architectural services to individuals and companies.

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What You Need To Throw a Great Party

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There’s a lot more that goes into throwing the perfect party than people realize. As a host, you need to closely monitor your guests and make sure everyone feels comfortable. You can start by purchasing some of the finest dining chairs Toronto ON has to offer for your guests to recline on. However, there’s still plenty of planning to do.

Great Party

If you’re reaching for ideas to light up your next get-together, that’s okay. Read on to gather a few helpful tips to breathe excitement and entertainment into your upcoming party.

Colorful Food

The biggest question on people’s minds when they arrive is, “What’s on the menu?” There’s nothing wrong with leaning on age-old staples, but don’t be afraid to mix things up either. A combination of colors and styles is a great way to enliven your party and people’s taste buds. Open up your menu, and your interesting cuisine will impress your guests.

Classy Seating

The next detail you need to take care of is the seating arrangement. People need to feel at ease when they’re enjoying a delicious meal or an exhilarating conversation. That’s why you should provide plenty of cushiony seating for your guests to rest themselves. No one wants to be left standing, so make room for everyone to make themselves at home.

Engaging Games

You may be tempted to turn on a movie or a show, but why not take it a step further for your guests? After all, people came to spend time with each other, so make the most of the opportunity. There are a variety of creative games that produce fun situations where everyone can enjoy being together. Think outside the box with your party games, and you and your guests will have a much more wholesome experience.

When you put the extra effort into perfecting your party, you can anticipate smiling faces and lasting memories. Take the time to lay out the details for your next party, and prepare for a night you won’t soon forget.

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3 Winter Home Safety Hazards and How To Make Them Safer

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You might think staying home in the winter is the safest course of action, particularly during periods of extreme cold or inclement weather. However, what appears to be a safe haven can have a ton of hazards lurking inside. Here are a few common winter home safety hazards and what you can do to minimize them. 

Winter Home Safety

1. Dryer Vents

Clothes dryers are a modern convenience most households couldn’t; do without. However, they can also be a huge safety hazard. January is the peak month for clothes dryer fires, which number in the thousands each year. The U.S. Fire Administration offers tips on dryer safety to help reduce the risk. These include keeping the dryer vents and lint traps free of lint and buildup and ensuring proper venting for gas appliances. 

2. Fireplaces and Stoves

Firepalces create a sense of warmth that most other heating appliances just can’t match. They also pose dangers with open flames, sparks and potentially clogged flues. Gas fireplaces can create even more issues. If your unit is equipped with gas longs, schedule a comprehensive gas fireplace service Denver before you fire it up for the winter. No matter what type of fireplace you have, an annual chimney inspection can catch hazardous creosote buildup or cracks in the lining early before they become a problem. 

3. Icy Walkways

Not all hazards are inside the home. Icy or snow-covered surfaces outside can lead to a fall. Once you clear accumulated snow, use rock salt or an ice melt product to keep them clear and provide traction. Some ice hazards are above your head, too. Tree limbs that are covered in wet snow or ice can break and fall, possibly damaging homes and vehicles. They might also block your path in and out of the house or driveway, cutting you off from safety. Trimming overgrown, damaged or sick trees helps minimize the risk of falling limbs. 

Small steps like scheduling a fireplace service, clearing walkways and keeping dryer vents clear help to reduce the risks associated with common winter home safety hazards.

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Cleaning a Restaurant Kitchen the Right Way

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For most back-of-house staff, cleaning the kitchen is the least fun part of working in a restaurant. Yet, it has to be done properly to keep the environment safe for workers and customers, as well as to avoid costly food safety fines. Here are a few tips to keep your commercial kitchen sparkling.

Cleaning a Restaurant Kitchen

Quarterly Deep Cleaning

Many restaurants do deep cleans only once every six months or so, but this simply isn’t enough. It’s tempting to save the tough stuff for later, but the longer you put off these cleans, the harder you’ll have to work when it comes time to put in the elbow grease. To ease the load, build quarterly deep cleans into your schedule. This will make each deep clean session shorter because you’re avoiding build-up in those hard-to-reach areas. 

Outsourcing Where Appropriate

Sometimes it pays to have someone else do the heavy lifting when it comes to certain tasks in kitchen cleaning. For example, most restaurants don’t have the equipment to effectively clean vent hoods or grease traps. Trap cleaning in particular can be a nauseating experience, so looking for grease trap service Findlay options can save you significant time and effort while getting the trap cleaner than you or your staff would be able to. 

Getting the Right Equipment

Most restaurants have the necessary basics for keeping clean, but they may not have enough materials or lack some of the tools that make things easier. For example, it’s easy to find yourself running low on dish gloves or scrub brushes. Additionally, many smaller restaurants forego essential items like degreaser, which is necessary to keep dish washing machines and vents clean. 

It’s not always easy to stay on top of restaurant cleanliness, but by keeping these tips in mind you can improve your workflow and clean more efficiently.