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3 Ways To Up the Cozy Factor in Your Home This Winter

The shortest day of the year slowly approaches and brings with it several more months of early darkness and chilly days. Instead of counting down the days until spring, focus your energy on creating a pleasant environment that you’ll look forward to cuddling up in. Here are three simple ways to up the cozy factor in your home this winter.

Area Rugs

If your house is filled with hardwood floors that make getting out of bed in the morning particularly difficult, it’s time to invest in some area rugs Atlanta GA. Perhaps you want something soft and squishy or are hoping for bright, beautiful colors to brighten up the gloomy days. A new rug will make your living room or bedroom feel like new and even help regulate the temperature.

Cozy Blankets

Now is not the time to curl up under that old, threadbare blanket you’ve had since college. Treat yourself to the fluffiest, warmest blanket you can find and wrap yourself up in it with a cup of tea at night. If you hate those first few moments of slipping into the chilly sheets on your bed at night, pick up some luxurious flannel sheets for maximum comfort.

Space Heaters

Perhaps you have that one room in your house that is always chillier than the rest or maybe once you’re cold you have trouble shaking the chill from your bones. There are several different kinds of space heaters, ranging from pricey to relatively inexpensive, from clunky to sleek. If you work in a cold office, ask your boss if you can keep a small, portable heater under your desk.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor if you’re really struggling this winter. In the meantime, take care of yourself with these small comforts and whatever else helps to brighten up your day.

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