3 Types of Steel Framing

Not all steel construction is the same. If you are thinking about purchasing or building a steel structure, you should know the differences between the various methods. There are three standard steel building methods, and they each have their benefits.

Continue reading to understand the different metal framing techniques further, and choose the one that is right for you.

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1. Light-Gauge Replaces Wood

For a balance between form and function, light-gauge metal construction replaces wooden structures with steel. Studs are made with steel instead of lumber, which adds protection against pests, mold and fire. If you want to build a durable building that will resist most types of damage, you might consider light-gauge steel buildings Lewiston ID. However, the building process takes significantly more time than a traditional wooden building, and the costs will be higher as well.

2. Weld-Up For Smaller Buildings

Welded metal construction is popular for building small structures like sheds or awnings. It uses inexpensive metal material and can be a good option for homesteads, farms and other non-industrial areas. The problem with weld-up construction is the lack of structural strength. Many regions will not release the permits necessary to construct larger buildings because of this lack of integrity. Also, though the material is relatively cheap, the construction process is still laborious and will be more expensive in general than a wooden construct.

3. Prefabricated for Maximum Efficiency

Prefabricated buildings are cheap, easy to install and efficient. Usually, the manufacturer will work with you to determine the best option for your location and build the parts to spec. This means that when the materials arrive on-site, they can be instantly assembled rather than cut to length and measured. Pre-engineered steel structures are good options for warehouses and other buildings that require space.

Before settling on a construction method for your project, consider the different options available for steel framing. Make sure the system suits your needs and will be safe for its intended purpose.

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