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3 Things To Immediately Do When Your Home Suffers Storm Damage

Intense winds and rain can harm a building’s structure, permitting moisture to invade the home and wreaking havoc on the exterior. When this occurs, homeowners should have a plan in place, prepared to handle the chaos from severe systems. Mitigating it is vital in helping the home’s remediation; therefore, should something happen, residents should complete the following three actions.

1. Find Experts

Try not to do this alone. Broken shingles or busted windows could have caused more destruction than first thought. Moisture can get into the drywall and crawl spaces, fostering microbial growth. You’ll want to hire teams that specialize in disaster and storm damage restoration Ann Arbor MI. They’ll have high tech equipment to assess the overall contamination, determining the extent of cleanup.

2. Cover and Seal Exposure

Don’t leave anything open to the elements or to trespassers. By leaving it alone, the situation could become worse, requiring additional time and funding; therefore, you want to secure the house as soon as possible. Board up any holes in the walls and place plastic tarps on any roof issues. You want to keep water out and minimize the initial impact.

3. Contact Insurance

Once you observe problems, pick up the phone and dial your insurer. Request to file a claim, and indicate the date and time of the storm. You’ll want to understand your policy deductible and limits. These could play into how much you end up owing. Your agent should walk you through their requirements as well, asking you to initiate inspections. Start documenting everything. Take pictures of anything ruined. Make notes of all calls and repairs. These should be emailed to the insurance company to keep them up-to-date on your proceedings.

When left alone, you could exacerbate the trouble, leading to more headaches. Be proactive. Investigate your premises, and hire the right workers to fix things.

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