Backyard Ideas

3 Great Ways To Upgrade the Appearance of Your Landscaping

Looking to completely transform the appearance of your lawn and garden? Here are three unique ways to upgrade the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

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1. Create a Pond

A backyard pond allows you to create an entirely new ecosystem in your own backyard. Find a suitable spot, start digging and line the area with a plastic liner, pre-made fiberglass pond or other material of your choice. Fill the pond with plants and wildlife. Before you stock your pond with fish or other friendly creatures of your choosing, make sure you have a firm understanding of aquatic weed control. This will ensure that all organic matter in the pond has the ability to grow and thrive, living harmoniously as a mini-ecosystem.

2. Shape Your Lawn

Many gardeners focus more on flowers and shrubbery but don’t forget that you can even make something as simple as a lawn look more interesting. An easy way to do this is to shape the lawn. Use a half-moon edger to trim the edges and follow the curves of your flower beds for maximum visual effect. It’s also effective to create small “island” flowerbeds if you have large areas of turf that could use some extra focal points.

3. Add Height

You can add dimension to your garden by encouraging plants to grow vertically. How can you do this? The answer is simple – install a garden arch. You can purchase a pre-made arch from your local nursery, or make one for yourself using wooden slats, finishing nails and twine. Once installed in your garden, train climbers to grow up and over the structure, giving you some attractive cascading greenery.

Adding a few elements of interest to your landscape will turn it from ordinary to extraordinary. Get to work making these improvements and you’ll soon have an outdoor space full of the beauty and variety of nature.

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