3 Great Design Tips for Creating Your New Backyard Swimming Pool

So you’ve decided to install a backyard swimming pool. Not sure how to go about designing a pool? Here are three special design touches that will make your new pool become your favorite backyard feature.

Backyard Swimming Pool

1. Consider Appropriate Lighting

Lighting can be the perfect way to set the mood for your new pool, capturing the beautiful and dynamic reflections of the water. Quality landscape lighting Overland Park will help you find the best nighttime accents for your new swimming pool. Uplighting is often the best choice for lighting around pools, since the pools typically already have lights under the water. If you direct light away from the pool and toward the surrounding landscape, the water will reflect picturesque images from the landscape.

2. Follow a Tropical Landscape Theme

No matter the climate, tropical plantings are a natural landscape element around any swimming pool. Even in states with cooler climates, there are tropical plants that can thrive and create a lush backdrop to the sparkling blue water. Japanese fiber banana, soft shield ferns and angel’s trumpet work well in areas that aren’t considered “tropical.”

3. Experiment With Shape

A rectangular pool certainly has its merits, but experimenting with shape can give your pool a more natural, unique aesthetic. A swimming pool build in a unique shape, such as elliptical or oblong forms, echo the natural forms that can be seen in nature, making your pool blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings. Don’t be afraid to plant densely around one or more edges of the pool to enhance the effect, blending the pool seamlessly with its surroundings.

Your pool is a significant investment – it’s crucial that you have a general design in place before you contact the professionals. Keep these design tips in mind as you create your new swimming pool, and you’ll have an carefully curated spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the refreshing water.

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