3 Babysitting Tips for Keeping Children Entertained

You’re babysitting a kid. Maybe you know this child well, or maybe this is your first experience together. How will you spend the time? Silence any fears of being boring. Children are curious and mirror your excitement when you say, “Next, let’s do this. It’ll be fun!” Here are some types of activities to try. 

children reading books

1. Quiet Activities

Not all children are loud, and even the noisiest kids need some quiet time. Whether you’re taking care of a shy, introspective child or a gregarious one, it’s good to have activities available that don’t make a lot of noise or require a lot of movement. Gravitate toward these activities if you’re babysitting during a concert or if you’re worn out from chasing around the yard. Bring kids books Navasota TX with you. Have some coloring books ready, as well as picture books. You can also use a blank notebook and make up a story together.

2. Athletic Activities

If you’re allowed to go outside and travel a bit, try a playground or park. You can take a ball or other sports equipment along. At a playground, you have the option to sit and watch from a distance. If you live near a nature trail, consider leading the child on a scavenger hunt and turning it into a learning opportunity. Even on a rainy day of babysitting, you can find ways to move. Start a dance party in the living room or take out the hula hoops. Activity during the day helps you and the kid you’re watching sleep better at night. 

3. Crafting Activities

Maybe you want to try something outside that is not physically demanding. If the weather is nice, consider a small garden project. Work in the earth or bring your own soil and a pot. Be the babysitter who brings things that last. Zinnias or carrots might seem too difficult, and if that’s the case, go inside again. Use a simple cookie recipe. Try origami. Make paper dolls.

Stay creative and listen. In a child’s mind, a blue rug can become an ocean in a fantasy adventure.

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